Why We Exist

We started The Nutrition Advocate because we felt that no one was doing a good job of looking out for the consumer.  There are two types of nutrition advocacy organizations that are similar to The Nutrition Advocate.

1) Professional Organizations: Professional organizations do a great job of advocating for their professional constituents but are stuck within their own “brand” of wellness.  For example, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) advocates for dietitians but only dietitians.  Personal trainers, public health experts, many academics, and numerous other health related professions are left out.  AND can feel free to tell us that we’re wrong but sometimes perception is reality. 

2) Consumer Focused Organizations: There are very few consumer-focused nutrition organizations and those that do exist tend to cater to nutrition elitism.  It’s great that they are moving the field towards more natural and organic products and policies but for many of us, these ideals aren’t reachable or realistic.  The Nutrition Advocate want to focus on helping out the everyday consumer.

There are numerous reasons for the current model of wellness and advocacy but it doesn’t serve the consumer as well as The Nutrition Advocate can, when we include people from various careers and walks of life.

For those of you who are interested, we’ve generated a list of other nutrition organizations, a link to their websites, and a brief description of who they are.