What’s Worse?

What’s worse for you, eating fast food or taking supplements, McDonalds or Subway, drinking wine or beer?  We’re guessing you probably answered fast food, McDonalds, and beer right?  As Lee Corso of ESPN’s College Game Day would say, “not so fast my friend!”

In the “What’s Worse” section of The Nutrition Advocate, we want to challenge some of your assumptions about nutrition and in doing so uncover the truth.  Not every comparison will have a definitive answer but we ask you to reexamine some of your thoughts and beliefs about nutrition.

There are so many food marketers pedaling health and wellbeing, when in reality, how healthy are they compared to some of their competitors.  They hide behind the shield of wellness or more appropriately under the veil of health.  Companies that promote their “healthy” products bother us more than companies that make no qualms about what they are selling (i.e. Arby’s We Have the Meats). Many health food companies are hiding in plain sight and we, as a society, believe that they are healthy when in reality they’re probably no better or worse than many of their “unhealthy” competitors.