Other Work Todd Weber PhD, RD is Involved In 

Hello, my name is Todd Weber PhD, RD.  If you’re reading this it is because you’ve found your way to The Nutrition Advocate.  For those of you that don’t know me, I wear many hats and currently split my time between the worksite wellness company I am a partner in, Kadalyst, teaching at Johnson & Wales University – Denver, and managing the three businesses I created. 


As part of my central mission, truth and transparency in health & wellness, I would like to outline the purpose of each business that I have created and the interplay between them.

  1. Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting (EBNC): I started EBNC in February of 2014 as a way to demonstrate to health & wellness employers that I was more than a physiologist, to provide myself with a creative outlet for all of the knowledge I have accumulated, and as a way to attract clients for nutrition counseling.

    As of this writing (April 2018), I have since transitioned EBNC into a mentoring service for entry level health & wellness professionals, specifically those interested in pursuing dietetics, sports nutrition or weight management.  As part of this mentorship, I offer career advice, assist in putting together application materials, and co-author really cool, informative blog posts with my interns while giving them as much hands on experience in the industry as I can provide.

  2. The Science of Dieting: The Science of Dieting is an evidence-based approach to healthy eating and weight management.  Our goal is to assist clients in establishing a meal planning and preparation routine that they can use for the rest of their lives.

    Our secondary purpose, that supports our first, is to educate the public on all the other diet types out there and what their success rate for weight loss is (if any).  There have been thousands of studies published on diet types (i.e. Atkins, low-fat, Paleo, etc.) and we are bringing those results into focus, rather than relying on testimonials provided by the company’s marketing these various diet types. 

    The bottom line is, if you want to succeed in healthy eating or weight management, you have to ignore all the macronutrient marketing hype and instead be laser focused on creating sustainable dietary habits.  Anything short of this is setting yourself (or your clients) up for failure.

  3. The Nutrition Advocate: The Nutrition Advocate is a collection of well-educated health & wellness professionals seeking to educate and advocate for nutrition solutions that are in the best interest of the consumer. 

    The Nutrition Advocate does not sell any goods or services so there is no brand to protect or specific product to promote.  This uncoupling of products and services allows us to give the most fact-based, contextual information that we are capable of producing.

    A secondary aim of The Nutrition Advocate is to promote professionalism within the field of health & wellness.  With no product to promote or brand to protect, we can move away from niche marketing and the factoids and tidbits of the current nutrition status quo and instead put nutrition and/or health & wellness information into a context the consumer can understand.  We don’t have to twist the rules or bend the facts to support a product, we get to just tell you as it is.

    Collectively our hope is that with our help, consumers will re-examine some of the assumptions they have about health & wellness and what it takes to be healthy and that other health professionals will take up our cause and advocate for consumer centric nutrition.

I’m actively involved in all three of these businesses and as a disclaimer, although I do my absolute best to keep each of these separate, there is going to be some overlap between them and one business will support the other.  I’ve created over 75 blog posts on EBNC, some of which provide great context and/or support for content written in The Science of Dieting or The Nutrition Advocate.  I’m telling you all this to be upfront and to let you know that I’m not trying to secretly create content on one site to promote the other.  They are all interconnected because of my involvement, yet serve separate, independent roles.

If you’re interested in joining our cause or if our message resonates with you, please let us know.  What we’re trying to accomplish goes against the mainstream and against the grain in so many ways.  There are many, many days that aren’t easy and it can be frustrating and tiresome staying the course.  But with your support, we can carry on and help change the way we approach health & wellness.  We’re fighting for logical, evidenced-based nutrition with everything we’ve got and we ask you to join us in this fight.