Marketing Claims

Everyone has a product to sell you and a brand to protect.  Yes, marketing is about building brand awareness, without marketing you might not know that a certain product exists.  Marketing also helps highlight the features of a product and we are fine with that.

Where we get hung up is when marketers tout certain features of their products that are factually incorrect (Vitamin C does not prevent colds), is completely irrelevant to your health needs (Artificial Intelligence in you stair climber) or is  unnecessary for the majority of the population (post workout protein shakes).

The purpose of our Marketing Claims webpage is to unmask some of the marketing nonsense out there that is so pervasive.  Sure, nearly every product or service out there has a use and a specific market that product effectively serves; however, business 101 tells us that as a business, you need to continue to grow or die. 

Therefore, so many businesses expand their product and service offerings to reach more consumers, even if those consumers really don’t need that product.  For example, Gatorade is great if you are exercising for greater than 90 minutes on a hot and humid day but not so great if you’re in your air-conditioned house playing video games.   

Context Matters

Gatorade is sugar water and for most people isn’t any more beneficial to your health than drinking Coca Cola.  At The Nutrition Advocate we aim to let you know who, what, when, where, how, and why a product is effective and who it should serve AND who might want to think twice before using it.