Hello and welcome to The Nutrition Advocate.  We’re a collection of health professionals committed to advocating for practical nutrition advice that is in the best interests of you, the consumer.  Nutrition advocacy is nothing new, however, nutrition advocacy tends to be for mainstream nutrition professionals in traditional careers, rebellious groups of nutrition professionals with overly idealistic views of nutrition, and nutrition elitists. But there is no one out there advocating for you, the everyday consumer.

Unlike so many nutrition professionals out there, we don’t have a product to market you, we don’t have a brand to protect, and we’re not reckless enough to say that government nutrition recommendations and the nutritional science of the last 50 years is wrong.  It’s okay to challenge the status quo but there’s no need to throw it all away like some people want to do.  The extreme positions that some “professionals” take are not only unacceptable, they are harmful and have no place in nutritional science.

If you look carefully at marketing, brands, and professionals’ programs, they are based on selling you pain or gain, fear and anxiety or exaggerated risks and possibilities.  This is simply wrong, it puts dollars before sense, and lacks integrity.

Whether this lack of respect for the truth is out of willingness or ignorance doesn’t matter to us.  Either way, it needs to be checked.  It needs to be corrected.  That’s why we started The Nutrition Advocate.  We’re sick and tired of the public being lied to and mislead.  Frankly, it makes our jobs tougher and prevents you, the consumer, from being able to follow sound advice.

We’re not going to give you tips and tricks, factoids or tidbits to “hack” your physiology.  Biohacking tends to be for people with too much money to spend and time on their hands.  We’re also not going to give you stagnant, watered down government type recommendations that can’t be applied to your health.  We’re not going to overpromise and underdeliver, try to scare you or tell you about the latest and greatest research study.  Instead, we’re committed to writing thought provoking articles that will help you free your mind from how we, as a society, currently view health & wellness. 

As nutrition professionals, we need to be able to quantify how much something can actually help you, otherwise we’re left with giving you generic advice that will lead to generic results.  Without quantifying HOW MUCH, something can help you, we have no idea whether or not it is worth your efforts.

Lastly, you’ll never find fear and anxiety promoted on this site.  We realize you’ve got more than enough to worry about in your lives.  We’ll do our best to inform you what to worry about, when to worry about it, and how significant it may be, whether in the short term or the long term.  In doing so, we hope that we can not only provide you with sound, actionable advice, but that we’ll also provide you with a certain peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing the best you can given whatever unique situation you happen to be in.  After all, you’ve got enough to worry about, let us do the worrying.  You just focus on being the best you can be.